If her txt msgs are any indication, she's having a good time.

Sunday, May 23, 2010
And so yesterday as I was stuck in the office all day finalizing today and watching the occasional snowflakes in the gusting wind, she txt'd me:

Her: Could you check a map 4 me to see if there's an Old Navy near here?

Me: Ok. Hang on.

Me: Yep. 3170 Tillicum Road. Only one there. At Tillicul Centre. Near Victoria Library.

Her: Nowehere near where I am.

Me: What do you mean? Its way closer to you than the west Edmonton Mall one.

Her: I'm walking. Where from here?


Me: na. not walkable.

Her: U should google wifi cafes for me. I'm downtown in Johnson or yates heading toward the harbor.

(I'm working in my office...)

Her: I just got to the 7-11 on Douglas:)

Her: Which way should I go? Anything on Google?

Me: I'm looking.

Her: There is a bus to Tillicum mall across the street!

(Not unlike the random "There's a blue bike" statement)

Me: U r on yates and douglas?

Her: Johnson & Douglas, but Yates is the next block over

Me: Head west half a block on johnson to the De Dutch Pancake House.

Her: West is toward the harbour?

Me: Yes. The ocean is west of you.

Her: K. It's sort of south too. Thanks.

Her: I wonder if its in the Best Western?

Me: 624 Johnston St.

Her: Nope.

Me: Then head south one block on Broad. See the Serious Coffee on broad.

Her: K. I'm at Wild Coffee & Bistro.

(Me, deep sigh of relief, now back to work.)

Her: It might not be worth it. Paninis are $10!

Her: What do you think? Panini or walk to the Bay Centre in hopes of a food court?

Me: You decide. Is there internet there?

Her: If I got something I'd ask. Maybe I'll just give it a shot. If there is email I'll let you know. :)


Her: The internet doesn't work here but The Panini is good at least.

Me: ....

Her: I'd like 2 live in a city like this 4 a while and not be a tourist.

Her: I found Serious Coffee now that I've had lunch.

Me: Ok.

Her: I'm waiting for N&J at a little coffee shop. A table on the sidewalk. Guys playing chess over there, funky music. REALLY wish U were here.

Me: Still in the office. Working.

Me: And then I'll go home and make supper.

Her: Hope your day ends better than it's been. Miss you.

Me: can I fry frozen patties in the pan?

Her: Probably. i do them on the griddle. Should be the same dif.

Me: But frozen?

Her: Yes.

Me: Ok.

Her: Just keep the heat low and turn them frequently.


Just two people thousands of miles apart, living the day they are dealt.

Sounds like she's having a fun week on the streets and cafes of Victoria, eating guiltily expensive Paninis.

Home Wednesday.

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