The night before a free day off

Sunday, May 23, 2010
Well look at that, it's 11:56 pm and I'm already showered and in bed. That's after a three hour nap this afternoon. For whatever reasons I am tired.

Tomorrow looks like a day I haven't seen for a while now. A day off, free, to do whatever I like. That's quite a luxury.

I mean I do take about four days off each month, and I work hard to keep them "off." But even on those days there are things to be done around here, or chances to do something with Lauralea.

However it looks like tomorrow could be spent reading a good book or puttering or tinkering or even sleeping. Like a rare treat.

Here in Canada it's a stat holiday to celebrate Queen Victoria's something or other. So many have the day off. Schools are closed so Micah is home, or would be if he wasn't hired out for the day picking rocks in a field. I told him we'd go find a good pizza place for supper so that's my only time certain. The rest of the day is mine.

And that's the weekend for you.
Lauralea should be home by late Wednesday evening, and normal should return by Thursday morning.

Night from the field.

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  1. Enjoy your day.

    Chris is away - maybe I should take a day out too.


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