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Wednesday, June 09, 2010
Here we are, full circle back at Blogger where we started 3,770 Posts and 11,082 Comments ago.

When I left here there was no commenting, and the templates numbered about 5. Thankfully they have improved, a bit, and slowly. They still are not perfect, but they have improved considerably.

I've been using Cold Fusion over at Prairie Fusion and then Wordpress when they turned over to that system. It's a good system and I really have very few complaints if any at all. But at the end of the day maintaining the site and databases, backing up etc. is something I'd like to not have to deal with any more.

And the pain of the change is not lost on me. I realize all the links will no longer work, inside the blog for itself, and external links. I am sorry about that, but maybe that means that the rugged followers will join us here.

I expect that using a system maintained by a larger company can mean I won't have to do this again and I can just worry about content for a good chunk of years now.

Now, if you are still with us, welcome.
Let's see what the next years bring.


  1. Looks good Randall.

    I'm still with you.

  2. I see you found their "whitest" template.


  3. Wow. This is going to take some getting used to. I don't like sudden, unexpected change. But I can understand the maintenance issues. I've been slacking off on maintaining our blogs. In fact, I should do a backup today...

  4. G'marnin' back at ya.

    This morning I did add a touch of colour Dix. A nice easy two button click changed the header image and matched the font colours accordingly.

    Marc I was going to make some smarta** comment about how your seminary training must be taking effect if you don't like change... bu-dum-ching.

    Sorry guy. It's probably the kind of thing that we'd have discussed long and hard over eggs and coffee on Friday mornings and you would have been able to talk me out of it.

    It is going to take a hard hit as google doesn't crawl sites that have few links going to them and so in that respect had a good chunk of links to it. Now with this new address we may never recuperate from a search perspective.

    But I'm kinda ok with that too. Keeps ya humble.

  5. As one of the rugged followers, I think it looks good. I like the simple and clean template. Mine gets far too busy sometimes (and I'm way too lazy to tweak it like I should)!

  6. May I ask how involved it was to migrate over & import everything? Was their much involved with redirecting your previous domain here? Do you still have web space in the previous location in order to redirect here?

    I think I still have two years of paid service left, but am considering good old Google as my backbone soon.

  7. Ah Jay, the tough questions.

    It was hard from a how do I move all my stuff over to google because Blogger doesn't give you any way to do that, kind of way.

    I did find a way to move the posts and comments over, for the most part. Some of my databases were corrupt and miserable so it was pins and needles for a while but I did get it all out.

    I left my domain alone because I still want to use that to host pics and other things. And honestly I might want to go back there if I get really cranky here at Google Central. They still don't give me as much flexibility as I would like, and they have been known to delete a blog if they find it disagreeable.

    So I've directed from to here and that means starting over with links and google position.

  8. Sorry, I'm late to the party... but I'm back, with new links to my RSS reader and should be able to keep up... now I should write a blog post or two of my own one of these days.


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