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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Well it's a rain day today again as this area of the world seems to be taking a turn for the better, moisture wise. This past month we've seen rain return to the pattern of life and that sure does make all the difference in the colour of the land and the attitude of the farmers.

A couple of weeks ago we dug a grave and the moisture was down a couple of feet but had not yet permeated to the 5 and 6 foot depth. With this gentle rain the ground is sure getting a good soaking.

It's an odd twist of fate that we watch as Saskatchewan farmers are still trying to get their crops in the ground and can't because they have had too much moisture. And the crops they have in are being killed by floods and frost.

Reports are coming in that the value of the crops our farmers here are putting in the ground is beginning to increase significantly as it looks less and less like Saskatchewan farmers will get any crops this year. One province reaps the benefits of a hurting neighbouring province.

I suppose that in the hundred year old average of things it's just another year in the life of the land that some years produce and other years it just doesn't.

...and that's your farm report for today.


  1. Alberta has had to rely on the farmers of Saskatchewan for hay for a few years now. I just hope our farmers do not let greed into their hearts to benefit from anothers misfortune.


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