The better part of life

She sits across from me in her chair, knitting something brown to be given away as a gift to some lucky individual and I sit over from her on the large red couch, doing some correspondence and writing. The Internet radio is playing some beautiful smooth classics from a far away station and we communicate about what our supper will be like over occasional sips of strong tea with cream and sugar in it.

We went from wieners and beans to basa fillets with spices and rice and a salad. Since we kind of muddled through breakfast and lunch by ourselves because we were on different time schedules as a result of being up at different times of the night, we decided a nice dinner is in order. Speaking of the night, it was difficult finding sleep through those eight hours as storm after storm passed by overhead. Every 30 to 40 or maybe even 50 minutes a new storm would assail us. Each with very loud thundering bangs and bright flashing lightning and torrents of rain. I believe it was about 2 am that one storm even brought hail to help be just a little different than the other storms. I recall the power going off about three times in the night, which reminds me I need to purchase a 9 volt battery for Lauralea's clock radio backup so she doesn't need to keep resetting it in the night. All to say it was a very long, fitful, checking on the rain levels kind of night so we allowed ourselves a bit of a sleep in this morning.

Rather than rush about in town with what remained of the day, we are settled in the living room, doing the things we enjoy best. Writing, reading, knitting, tea, good music, planning good meals, each other, and talking about travel and where we might celebrate 25 years of marriage.

A really nice, good day off.

And remember you young ones, these days don't just happen to you, you get to make them happen.

May you make one happen as well, and soon.


  1. And a very happy (retrospective) anniversary to you both.

    25 years, eh?


  2. Right on, Randy, and you are right, it doesn't just happen. It takes a lot of hard work, but, it is well worth in the long run.


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