Near Wainright Ab

Friday, July 16, 2010

Near Wainright Ab, originally uploaded by RandallFriesen.

So tired.


  1. Nice Randall. Love Canola Fields. What kind of camera do you have?

  2. Well Christy, I'm embarrassed to say it's from my Blackberry cell phone camera.


    It's for those quick moments when I can't dig out my cannon.

  3. Ha. It works pretty well! As long you weren't driving. *ahem*

    After a whopping 16 months our beloved Canon died - warranty was up in March. Looking at a minimum of $400 to fix it, so we opted to buy a new T1i, as we were looking at an upgrade with some birthday $ after our Africa trip anyway. Our Rebel did a fabulous job, but I wasn't expected a forced switch that soon. Didn't realize how much of my daily life is spent taking pictures until this week!


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