Like Lauralea always says,

Saturday, July 17, 2010
...When you move to a new place and go away for a while, you'll know it's home if you look forward to getting back there.

Based on that then, we're home. And glad to be here.

About two weeks and we had planed to go see my mom and Lauralea's mom and dad and that's about all. What did happen was more like, my mom went to Manitoba to be with her dying brother, so we went to her place in Saskatoon, then up to Prince Albert for a day of Chiropractor and dental work.  Then we headed down to the in laws for a few days. We decided to drive into MacGregor Manitoba to at least see my mom for a day or so. It was good because Thomas was able to catch up with us there for a while, and so did my brother and his family. It was also really great to see some uncles and aunts of mine who I haven't seen for a while. In the meantime mom needed a ride into Winnipeg, so in 12 hours we drove her into the city, hit the forks, and drove back to Saskatchewan.

Then we began to retrace our steps, getting back to mom's apartment in Saskatoon and caught up with Hillary who is in town for the summer. Then yesterday we got up at 5 am and headed to Prince Albert for another day of dental work, (Three fillings and two cleanings, thanks again Linea!) Then we got in the car and drove back to the sweet silence of the field.

Some surprises included but for the most part a good time away.

I am pleased with how good it feels to be back here. Walking back into this space felt really good.

Since there are three more days of vacation, we'll be chillin around here mostly and I'll get some of the pictures posted. And since Lauralea and I didn't share the same bed the whole of two weeks, it gives us an excuse just to stay at home. As if we ever needed an excuse…


  1. Hope the change was as good as a rest - as the saying goes. It was great to see you but you are right - it is always good to get back to home base.

  2. Hey Randall and Lauralea, I'm just sad that the girls and I didn't get to see you ... but like you we are very much looking forward to being back home. Truly.
    And it's been 5 MONTHS since Phil and I shared the same ...;)


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