Summer Storm in the Field

Sunday, July 18, 2010

fieldweather, originally uploaded by RandallFriesen.

As you can see on the map, the weather is pretty bad right where we live. Just south and a bit east of Wetaskiwin is where The Field is located and we are about to see lots more of the bad weather go through here.

As I sit blogging in the dark (on my battery run macbook) the thunder is shaking the house and the rain is dumping from the skies in buckets. The church parking lot is now a swiftly flowing river and I'm a little nervous about this place.

All the drain spouts are running the water away and the sump pump is working it's little heart out, but if we loose the electricity for much longer than its occasionally gone out tonight, we'll loose the sump pump, and that isn't good at all.

Last summer it was dry as dry could be, and this summer it's full stream ahead, especially across these Canadian prairies.

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  1. How are things this morning - did the pump hold up?

    We need to have a chat with whoever's in charge of the weather - they can't seem to get it right for us.



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