"Multitasking is a lie - your brain needs a break"

Saturday, September 25, 2010
Technology writer Andy Ihnatko, writes in his latest piece;

About a month ago, Terry Gross conducted a hugely interesting interview with New York Times' technology journalist Matt Richtel on NPR's "Fresh Air." He’s spent much of this past year talking to scientists and writing about the neurological effects of spending so much time immersed in our computers, phones, and other Little Friends Who Go "Pinnng!"
So as you might imagine, when Richtel suggested that tech devices have a significant impact not just on what we think, but on our ability to think, that caught my attention. (Until an email came in. Then I decided to flip over to Twitter for just a second. But after that, I went right back to the episode.)

He's been doing some thinking along the same lines that I have, except he writes it better, and he's begun to apply strategies to his life and mind to help with growing bad computer habits.

Check out the whole article here. If you're on the computer, phone, ipod, etc. a great deal it may be time to do a bit of a self check to see if you are getting the best out of the digital age.

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