Marsh Bay Resort

Some of you have been asking where was it that Lauralea was last week, so I was going to do a little commercial here for the resort. Then last night an email came in from Sylvia, Lauralea's sister, which helps correct some of my mistakes. She writes:

Wes & I own a cottage/camping resort. The main focus is family vacations but we do have fishing and hunting. The group of fishermen were not American, they were from Ontario - mostly the Hanover area. We provided them with an American Plan weekend - accomodation and meals - but they were Canadian...

Thanks much,

Thanks Sylvia for the update and for the picture of Lauralea on the quad. That was worth the week of self cooking alone.

The place looks amazing and Lauralea keeps talking of the beauty there. So you should check it out for your next family vacation or your corporate team building exercises or even taking your RV Trailer there and parking it for the year. I hear the RV people are as friendly and helpful as you'll find anywhere.

So check it out,


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