Some days it's fun being a pastor

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I know I'm the pastor and all that but boy I had some fun this morning.

I was able to get back into the classroom doing confirmation/discipleship with a fresh crop of Jr. Highs. So fun to lead a discussion and discover interesting things together rather than having a nice lecture from some old fart who knows it all. I can be an old fart sometimes, I know, but this morning wasn't it.

And worship was good for me. I was running at about 60 or 70% this morning after a rough night but the worship was sweet and good and renewing for me. The sermon was a simple thing that I felt really a bit unready for.  God was just there giving a good living example of being the body of Christ together. There were things to pray for and worship for and well it was a good day. Helpful, refreshing, healing even.

No, it's not always that way for me, or anyone else I suppose, so I'll take days like this and hold them close.

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  1. Those days are so good: makes it feel like you've not completely missed it after all. I'd much rather that than the times we get it all 'just right' but it feels like it's only me doing it.


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