To sum up

Saturday, September 18, 2010
Drove to the city today to fight traffic and mad crowds at outlet stores and Walmart? CHECK.

Found shoes for Micah at Walmart? CHECK.

Found winter sweaters for both of us? FAIL.

Found cheap good TShirts for me? CHECK.

Found a few cheap XBox 360 games? CHECK and Bonus!

Got to Apple Store to pick up items? FAIL. No stock.

Got Micah a hair cut? CHECK and bonus, it actually looks good.

Found myself a purple dress shirt for ten bucks? CHECK.

Fed the boy and myself a good chicken supper? CHECK.

Finished my Bible Study for the jr high Sunday School class tomorrow morning? CHECK.

Finished sermon prep for tomorrow morning? CHECK.

Printed off service for musicians for tomorrow? CHECK.

DVD burned and ready for sermon illustration tomorrow? CHECK.

Responding to a Txt from Thomas asking to bring guest to the field next weekend? CHECK.

Talked with Hillary who was lonely on the phone tonight? CHECK.

Ironed two shirts for tomorrow so I have an option? CHECK.

Watched half hour of the Hamilton/BC football game? CHECK.

Brushed my teeth, rinsed mouth with oldskool original Listerine? CHECK.

Shaved and showered? CHECK.

In bed writing emails? CHECK.

In bed writing blog post about my day and all I got done? CHECK.

Saying good night to the Internets and going to sleep? CHE C K . . .


  1. So, what did ya do today? :)


  2. That purple shirt looked good this morning! Go purple.

  3. I am guessing it was the chicken...


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