Ok, now I can die.

Monday, October 18, 2010
Me outside Beatrix Potters home, Hilltop.

Outside Hilltop, the Potter residence

A day of intense beauty and connection with history.
My soul is being restored.

More pictures up on Flickr.


  1. We'd rather you didn't, though.

  2. the pics look great! Next time can you squeeze me into your suitcase?!

  3. Very cool. If you could find that pond that Colin Firth --er, I mean, Mr. Darcy -- jumps into at Pemberley while you're up in the Lake district, I'd appreciate it very much. :)

    Also, looking at your pictures, I'm thinking that the fall is a great time to visit the UK. You don't really get "summer weather" there anyway, and I do love the fall. And it looks like that season makes England even more beautiful!

    Thanks for keeping us posted with pictures. Been thinking about you guys.

  4. Glad you are enjoying the Lake District. Every Blessing for a peaceful and restorative break.

  5. So the Birds happen to be in Gloucestershire this weekend, which is a mere 19hours walk from you!!Or 1 1/2 in the car.Do you have plans for Monday 25th Oct? Glad to see you're enjoying our beautiful countryside! Love the Birds x

  6. Peter Rabbit and the Birds all on the same trip!

  7. Hey Kate,

    Monday we are traveling into London. That on your way home?


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