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Saturday, October 16, 2010
We have arrived in Kendal and it's beautiful here. We are staying with a friend, Rachel, and it's been great to reconnect. I am being reminded by those here that I am on holiday and I don't need to do everything at once, so I am slowing down. Posting may also be sparse.

Here's where we are staying in Kendal.

Rachel's house

We had seven hours in London so after being awake for the day we decided to go on a walking tour.
Is this a better picture of me?

Is this a better pic of me?

There are more pictures over on Flickr.


  1. The photo at that angle makes Lauralea look short! lol

  2. @ Marcella - But we all know Laura isn't short, don't we. Not at all. Oh no.


    So.... have you sampled the mint cake yet?

  3. BTW how do you like the Canon? And have you visited the CAMRA fest yet?

  4. Nope, we missed the fun at the fest.
    The Canon, well I decided not to get a new camera until I had time to decide properly. The canon was our old camera.

    We will talk cameras in a few days. as well as a few other things.


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