Letters from England - Day One

Friday, November 05, 2010
It was suppose to be a way to revisit some of the fun places of our past as Lauralea and I celebrate 25 years of life together, and it was an excuse for a big travel party to a place where people generally spoke the same language as us. We decided to go to England for a visit.

The original thinking on having our flight time start from Calgary and end in London about 11:30 pm Calgary time, was that that would be 6:30 London time and we'd arrive in time to greet the day and beat our jet lag into submission the very first day. So we arrived in London and hit the ground running.


I suppose we didn't look to bad when we left our driveway at home:

And we are off

But it all caught up to us nicely.


We did a big loop of the City of London proper, and yes the Queen was in.

The Queen was in

By about three in the afternoon London time, or 8am Calgary time we were quickly running out of gas, so we caught a train north to Kendal in the Lake District.

Life passes by

And bless her heart, our friend Rachel was there to collect us and sort us out and keep us moving before we crashed into bed to sleep for an eternity.

Our room for the time there:

Our room in Kendal

Being awake for 34 hours while being 47 years of age certainly had its challenges, but I am pleased to report that we made it to England. Ready to see and experience a good deal of new things.

I'll try to use this space to record some of my memories of the trip, and to also update the photos so that you can see too.

You can see all the images from the first day, here.

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  1. Knowing how jam-packed Sarah's room is, I have to say that first room looks lovely.


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