In town for a meeting

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In town for a meeting, originally uploaded by RandallFriesen.

These are the addictive complimentary fresh white buns that I'm not eating because white food is evil. Or so the internet says, and the Internet doesn't tell any lies.


  1. White BREAD is evil.

    White BUNS must always be eaten. Especially when they look THAT good. And are complimentary.

  2. White bread is wonderful - when I ate it as a kid I was full of energy, enthusiasm, and happiness. Since growing up and seldom eating white sliced bread I've put on weight, become tired and grouchy and fall more easily in besetting sins.

    QED - white bread is the food of angels, and all that dirty, brown and gritty stuff is the devil's substitute for muvvers pride.

    And yes, always eat the attractive complementary buns.

  3. I compliment you on your resistance to those complimentary buns;) Such are the great pressures of life...


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