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Wednesday, January 26, 2011
A Wednesday to be exact.

Local town ministerial meeting to start planning Easter services.
Lunch with a parishioner.
Make sure drains are working on the house and church to keep melting ice away. Failed the one corner of the church.
Type and print youth page for bulletin.
Gather what other announcements I had for the bulletin.
Attend to getting Preteen gathering going.
Enjoyed three long conversations with people.
Wrote three letters.
Took time to pray for some people who have asked for it. (Prayer, not "it")
Dealt with 64 emails, but the day is young. (Yesterday was 70 but Monday was only 30)
Present and hanging out with the youth. Ate supper with them and gave leadership to the evening.

That takes me to 7:18 pm. Still four hours to go.

That's one of the things that I love about this work is that every day is different, for the most part.

Tomorrow? THURSDAY!
Stay tuned to find out; "Will he find a teacher to take his Junior High class Sunday morning??"

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