It's Sunday again

Sunday, February 13, 2011

And it's Sunday again.

Sunday of a week when death and decay seemed to be all over the place. Sunday on a week when Spring tried to make an appearance and tried to convince us that hope was around the corner and warm weather would return quickly. Sunday on a week before Valentine's Day when men start to scurry around looking for cards and chocolates and flowers that are appropriate to communicate their love to their partners.

Yes it's Sunday again.

So what do I get up in front of the people and talk to them about on this Sunday when all this life has been lived and all these activities pursued?

I think that today I get up and I talk again about the great love story, about how loving Jesus Christ isn't all about doctrine and it isn't all about proper order. How loving God isn't just about doing and saying the right things. But that loving God can be about a romance. How loving God can be about depths of intimacy and relationship and connection.

I know some people have difficulty with that kind of language when we talk about our relationship with God. But it's there in the book. It's in the nature of being created as human beings with intimate needs. It's there in our lives and our searching. It's there in our pursuit of relationship and our desire to connect with humanity. It's there written in the DNA of who we are that we need intimacy. We need to love, and we need to be loved.

And so on this Sunday before Valentine's Day we'll talk again about love and will be stretched to make choices about how we want to live our lives, and learn to love deeply.

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