The unfolding of the day

Friday, February 11, 2011

The day starts early now with a regular appointment I have with a Spiritual Direction client from the big city, so I'm up and getting life sorted here in the field before the day gets going.

Today will also include a visit to the town hospital where we have an elderly woman who's health has taken a sudden turn for the worse, and then a trip to the north of Edmonton to a hospital where we have a young mom who's been struggling with health issues for over a month now.

Life in many respects stands still for those who are in health institutions as they wait for their health to improve, while for their families some semblance of life continues on, but with this gaping hole in their lives. Today I will try to connect with a couple of them and care for them, hopefully in ways that will encourage them or let them know they are not forgotten.

It will mean three to four hours on the road today too, depending on the traffic. That will be ok on this day when the outside temperature promises to be above freezing.

And now, best get ready. My 8am is nearly here.

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  1. And just like that the day changes and I'm off in the opposite direction to another hospital in another town where an elderly parishioner has been told the worst.

    I think the other plans are set aside for now.


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