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Lucid thoughts, insecurity, and twenty five years of temporary work

Squeak squeak

Today I feel like I earned my keep.

A strongly encouraged, gentle reminder to listen and communicate

Pictures with Norah

Of Caramelised Onion English cheese and Norah

Sleeping with papa

Picnic in March in Stanley Park

This love is strange.

I hear it's a snow day back home in the field.

Made it. Safe and sound.

Lunch in Jasper

It's Norah Time.

RADIO NERD ALERT: Old Radio Shack Catalogs now ONLINE

Walking to the neighbours for coffee. A simple extravagance.

And a Happy St. Patricks Day to you then.

Prayer at Compline in The Book of Common Prayer

So what have I been doing with my life?

Lunch in town, near the field.

Oh yeah, this kid is going to be fun!

Well the space is ready for Lent, now are we?

Japan needs help...

"I am wondering if you have any scholarly insight into such (blogging) matters"

Come on already, it's March now act like it.

This ain't your auntys old church gestetner baby.

Funeral Ready

On why I do silly things like this


On nearly the coldest night of the year, we loose the house heat.