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Wednesday, April 06, 2011
In eight hours I shall be rising from my bed after three hours of sleep, and will be getting to the airport for a lovely day of flights and airports, to get myself, or rather ourselves, to the opposite part of the country than we were last week. Southern Ontario to be exact. Church business meetings have me going there and because it just so happens to be our old stomping grounds, Lauralea is heading out with me.

So it's a bit of work into the weekend, and then we are taking an extra day or two to tour through the three years of memories we made there early in our life together.

Lauralea taught at Aylmer Bible School, I was the lay minister in the 400+ member Mennonite congregation, I made pizza's and insulation for a living, we had two baby girls, a year apart from each other, the Tuesday market where you could get amazing fries, walking along the beach on a calm day, or wave riding when the wind was up, the fat wet huge snowflakes, the fresh fruit, apples, peaches, strawberries, pears, and nuts, the Amish buggies, the humidity, the brick houses, the different trees, and on and on. It might be tough to get it all in, in two days.

And it's almost mystical that its 25 years since we started in ministry there, and we are heading back. I'm glad we will get a Sunday morning of worship in with them, see who they have become a bit.

So I think you'll be seeing a few pictures in this space for the next few days. At least I wouldn't be at all surprised.


  1. Safe travels, congratulations on 25 years of ministry, and enjoy strolling down memory lane.....there must be at least ONE of those nearby!

  2. Travel safely my friend - and have a good time remembering.


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