"...none of the early disciples were professional educators."

Tuesday, April 05, 2011
The church in America is led by scholars. Essentially, the church is a robust school system created around a framework of lectures and discussions and study. We assume this is the way its supposed to be because this is all we have ever known. I think the scholars have done a good job, but they’ve also recreated the church in their own image. Churches are essentially schools. They look like schools with lecture halls, classrooms, cafeterias and each new church program is basically a teaching program.

The first disciples were not teachers, they were fishermen, tax collectors and at least one was a Zealot. We don’t know the occupation of the others, but Jesus did not charge educators with the great commission, he chose laborers.

An excellent piece by Donald Miller which is a subtle response to the recent back and forthing between contemporary religious authors/leaders. I think he really starts to get to the heart of things, past the scholarly sorts of responding to one another that goes on in the church - more so now that the Internet exists.

Go read the rest of it here.


  1. I loved the thrust of the quote - enough that - quite unusually - I followed up the article.

    I like the sentiments, but maybe labourers teach a slightly different version of church history and Luther was really just nit picking? Still good though.

  2. Had a little discussion on my Facebook page about this one here:

    I think I get what Miller is driving at, but I think that most church divisions are less about doctrine and more about hurt.

  3. That might well be true in a US church context, Doug.


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