Peacock Update

Well, the two of them are still here and we found their owners. A neighbour recently got them, but they lasted only a night or two before the Peacock headed out southbound, in the direction of their old home. Until they arrived here. They seem to like it here and as the neighbour said, they can settle quickly on a piece of land they like.

So the poor neighbour has been here trying to net them and catch them and now, trying to trap them. The most awesome flying I've ever seen by a Peacock was when that huge bird was being chased by the neighbour with a net, and flew off the ground up to the top of a 30 foot evergreen tree.

I captured his graceful fall:

They are quite interesting birds. We don't feed them or water them and still they remain.

The Peahen follows close behind where ever the Peacock is heading, and they hide together in the tall grass, and sleep together in the tree branches, and they wake up Micah together at his basement room window:

Hers and His

Which was pretty funny on the first morning it happened.

They do seem to like looking in the family room windows downstairs and will startle us while we are down there.

It's been fun to watch them, but one day soon they will be caught and moved back home.

In the mean time, we're trying not to give them names.


Life in the Field.

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  1. Poor Micah. They make a helluva din first thing in the morning - we camped on a site that had them roaming freely, and the first morning was not a gentle introduction. I suspect if they start doing that regularly then he won't miss them. Glad you're enjoying the experience.

    Hope today is less messy.


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