NHL Hockey is back in Winnipeg

Wednesday, June 01, 2011
And so today I pulled out my precious Jets Jersey and wore it all day long.

Jets Jersey

You remember when and how I got the jersey? It was a miracle of huge proportions. (First Link, Second Link) And though I've worn it occasionally now and then as an act of remembrance more than an act of faith, today I put it on with confidence and some excitement that Pro Hockey is returning to Winnipeg.

It's time we celebrated a joyful day around here.

Jets Jersey


Now if we can at least wish them into not naming the team some mad crazy fluffy cloud like name, like the Mighty Ducks or the Wild, or Pooh Bears or some such thing.

Go Jets Go.


  1. Maybe they'll be named the Winnipeg Moose.

  2. Tums on the desk. Feel upset that you are so far away from the Jets or that think they may name the team the "Moose"???!!!

  3. Oh yeah Stan, yesterday was a Tums kind of day.

  4. My husband is thrilled that there's going to be an NHL team in Winnipeg again. Although, I don't seem him sporting a Jets jersey...he's all about the Canucks (even before they made it to play for Stanley) We're moving just south of Winnipeg at some point this summer for him to take on a role as youth pastor at a church there.


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