Just an update on a beautiful July friday afternoon.

Friday, July 29, 2011

It's a glorious Friday afternoon in July and I am in my office doing paperwork, reports, and getting ready to give a workshop tomorrow out at Family Camp. I'm not complaining mind you. The temperature in my office, which is the hottest place in the building in summer, is probably a balmy 22 C, which is just right as far as I am concerned. The other reason I'm not complaining is that we start our holidays next week and boy let me tell you that we are in need of a holiday. It's only been during the last week and a half when things have finally stopped for us that I've realized how busy we had been. I tell you these past 10 days have been quite a pleasant shift and I find myself getting more human again.

The camp/bedbugs/Micah stress caused a bit of a jump in the crazy levels, but hopefully things are settled down now and returning to some sense of normal. I'm still hoping and praying that the little blighters didn't make any transfer moves to the house. That would really mess up the summer in so many ways. I don't even want to think about it. We did our best and thats all we can do really.

Now on to this workshop. We are giving some training on Spiritual Direction and showing people what it's like. The best way to do that is to do a real-play situation that shows what a meeting can be like. I have volunteered to be the person seeking direction, and so it could be a little vulnerable, but I think that can also mean it will be good, in a helpful sort of way. People can identify easier if they see someone else in the same place they are, and perhaps get some support or help.

Oh and it looks like the internet might be back on here, after a week of on and off and mostly off or very little speed. That's meant some delayed emails and meetings via skype etc. but as of this afternoon tower radios are being changed and access is returning nicely.

Now if only the stubbornheads in Washington would sort out their issues...


  1. The spiritual direction workshop sounds great ! Just the sort of thing I'm hoping to develop in my next life - fancy becoming an international consultant ...?

  2. ... I fancy. :)

    It's still such a new experience here in these circles that people are not sure what it is or how it can help.

  3. Same here with the people I want to connect with... I see some good conversations ahead my friend; first though the little matter of a major farewell bash here this Sunday pm... :)


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