Holidays Start Tomorrow

Tuesday, August 02, 2011
Yes they do.

Holidays that is.
Start, I mean.

Tomorrow starts our holidays and I am in well need of them by now.
Really tired tonight, should be in bed but I'm just getting some things done for the day, then I'm off.

Right now I'm just trying to make the internet work a bit to get some info I need downloaded.

But tomorrow, yep, holidays.

I think I shall try to sleep in a bit. Just a bit. Not enough to make Herself jealous mind you.

Then, perhaps listen to some Proms coming live from BBC Radio 3 and a cool drink. That would be nice.

Herself has a Doctor appointment tomorrow morning, so I shall be left to my own devices, at least initially.

But yes, two weeks of, not this.



  1. Sleep well and enjoy your break - I hope you'll feel all the better - stronger and refreshed - for it.

  2. Have a restful and enjoyable holiday and come back refreshed. Every Blessing


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