Post Storm Cleanup

Thursday, July 14, 2011
Last night till nearly 2 am, Micah and I were managing all that the summer storm had to throw at us, like sopping up water from sealed, closed windows that still were letting water in by the cupful. But this morning there was still more to get in shape.

Getting the Internet back up and running here in the field, took a bit today, and in the process of doing that we discovered a broken, leaking small pipe that I was able to get back up and running like it should be.

But apparently the storm last night left more damage than previously thought. When I got to the church there was water leaking in at two different places. So I did a few small things to get the air moving, and once again the blessed trustees have been called. The gutters were all in place to take the water away from the church building, but this water was way over and above that. I recall standing with Micah at the window, looking at the church and seeing the water gushing off the roof, past the full gutters, and over onto the ground beneath at levels that might equal Niagara falls. It was inspiring.

So today has been about those things mostly.

Another wedding rehearsal here tonight, and I have some more work to do for the wedding tomorrow.

But first to town and back.

Remember two summers ago when we were so desperate for rain??


  1. I remember.

    Wedding dresses and galoshes?

  2. Is the mosquitoes bad in where you are. I haven't had problems with them. I was busking on Broadway and 19th yesterday and there were none.


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