Wedding day today

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wedding day today.

The couple is ready, I think.
Family has travelled great distances.
The louder communicators in the families have received their own way.
Money has been spent. Flowers purchased, dress hunted down, banquet hall booked.
Choice of chicken or beef settled.
Numerous counseling sessions completed.
Vows chosen.
Service written.
Government paperwork done correctly, I hope.
Routine sense from the couple that maybe they should have eloped.

I will give them one more chance to call it all off, if they want.
Because that is what we do.

Sadly, sometimes I think that if they can make it through planning a wedding that they can do anything in life. But life has it's own way of twisting and turning, full of it's own surprises.

We wish them well and hope for the best. We make ourselves available and offer help when needed, but it is still just an offer that needs to be accepted.

And we enter the day with the memory that Jesus used to go to these things, and they were stressful in his day too, and he did all he could to ease the stress of the day. Even if it was something as dreadful as providing more wine for the party.

He was a good friend.

Now, on with the celebration.


  1. How true. Well said. Let me know if you need any wine.

  2. Or just a few gallons of water.


  3. Of this I know, I'm not yet 'Water into Wine" enabled.



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