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Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Returning to work after vacation always reminds me of the first new days of school in Autumn. I've got my new shoes and trousers, my pencils are sharp and ready to go, and I have a fresh stack of paper.

I usually take the fresh opportunity to promise herself that I will indeed start taking proper time for lunch, and that yes, I will start eating breakfast. These Academic New Years resolutions usually last about a week, then I tend to fall back into old ways, just like the January 1 resoluters do.

I take time to set the autumn calendar and chart the course for Sundays, and other things I feel we need to look at during the year. It all feels fresh and hopeful, like a new desk in grade 4, or new binders for foolscap in high school.

This year I'm nearly there. I want to be there and I can feel its just around the corner. But I am surrounded here in my office with new and used tissue, a resilient cough, runny nose, and some remaining muscle pain. This flu is not going gently into that good night.

I promised herself that I would work until it got to be too much, then I'd have a bit of a nap, then get back at it.

I am excited about autumn here though. Hopefully we can see the second staff member position filled sometime soon and that will allow me to return to the things I really can be better at. The thought of that does energize me. Although the thought of the process of getting that staff person in place, is a bit of a chore.

The break allows me to step back and review and take stock and refocus and remember what it is about this gig that I like. So that's what it feels like right now.

And some of the people here are going through tough patches and I want to be available to help and pray and be present for them.

So here we go, starting on a new year here in the field. Wonder what this one will hold.

Stay tuned.

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