Notes from the edge (of my sickbed)

Monday, August 15, 2011
As I write this I am safely, warmly settled in bed with acetaminophen near by and kleenx, new and used, surrounding my head like a halo. Her own sick self is following behind me and we will settle in for a fifteen hour stretch of up and down, on and off sleep.

We drag ourselves out of bed around 1:30 pm because it's crazy to be in bed all day on your vacation. Then we check on each other, comparing symptoms, pains, meds used to date, etc. It seems like Lauralea is about a day ahead of me in this journey, symptomwise.

Which, by the way, is kinda fun having a sick buddy when you're sick.

Where was I, oh yes so we get up and schlep around, making some eggs and cereal to eat, and that's our big meal for the day.

We wash up and decide to watch a movie, whatever's on the TV because we fade in and out of conscious during it so you don't want something that needs a big commitment. Today it was Bruce Almighty, a very well written film, and that's not the cough medicine talking.

Then a nap is in order, and a sandwich, and before you know it, it's time to get ready for bed again. Shower, set out the meds for the night, you know the routine.

What a basket case we are, or should that be a set of basket cases...

Through the day we get txts from the kids who are all far away or they'd have to take care of us. :)

Micahs still at camp, Thomas is on his own in Calgary with a new job, Hillary is painting houses in Saskatoon, and Johanna & Nate are in BC mid move.

This is starting to ramble more than ever, probably due to the meds, so I should go to sleep. Tomorrow afternoon is gonna come early enough as it is.



  1. Hope you guys feel better this morning.

  2. When does vacation end and sick leave start?

  3. Its coming back, a bit at a time.

    Good question Linea, I'm sorta doing both today.

    And one dear soul brought chicken soup for supper yesterday and better yet, a raspberry pie. It was nearly worth the disease just for that.



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