Marc Vandersluys is coming to a field near you, (If the field near you is the same one I'm in)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So it's sort of been my heart for these years as I've somehow become a senior pastoral leader in the Evangelical Covenant Church in Canada, that we need to be identifying and calling out young spiritual leaders from among us and to help them and see them raised up to do the work of shepherding/pastoring our churches in Canada.

You see, because we are a relatively small group we must regularly call up pastors from America or from other denominational groups in Canada, and while thats not bad, it would be great to be seeing those people, leaders really, rise up from among us. I think its a next level of maturity for us as a church group in Canada.

So I pray to that end and work to that end and it's been really very cool to see some really quality young people take the next step into ministry from churches in Canada, as God calls them.

Marc & Supper

That's why this winter has been a bit of a surprise as the church here in the field, Malmo Mission Covenant Church, worked through a season of discernment for staff, and as a result of Gods leading, have seen fit to call Marc Vandersluys to minister here in the role of associate pastor, with responsibilities for youth, families, discipleship, and intergenerational sorts of stuff.

It's a surprise because Marc and I first met years ago, as a result of this here blogging enterprise.
He covered his first visit here, and I talked about it here. (Isn't that the beauty of bing an old fart at  blogging?)

I am grateful beyond belief that someone is coming alongside here in the Field work.  I think the last count of people who would consider this church their spiritual home whether they attend once a week, once a year, or once in a while, is over the 200 mark. Again, for a church located in a field, that number never ceases to amaze me.

But I digress. The awesome news is that this summer, Marc and his wife, Dixie and their brood of three will join us here in Alberta, in The Field.

Its such a cool thing. And to think that it started with a form of social media of its day, Blogging.

This here internet is just a great invention.

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  1. Interesting - in a good way - to see this post this morning.

    I'm wondering if I would rather be blogging anonymously, so I can talk about reality and try to work through stuff in words with my hands. I'm also thinking that we need guys like you, who will allow others to talk about their struggles, pain and difficulty from the coal-face.


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