Micah turns eighteen

Thursday, May 10, 2012
As of today, the boy, the man, is eighteen. I guess that means that I don't have to sign his papers any longer, and he can go into bars if he were so inclined.

So many things associated with turning eighteen. Lots of expectations in there too, like what are you going to do with your life, or what are you going to be. Lots of questions that very few people have clear at eighteen.

He was gone by 6:30 am this morning and had to be in Edmonton for the afternoon where his High School choir was in the provincial finals, so we met up with him in town and went out for a celebratory supper.

The best part of the day for him, clearly! was that after supper we went to pick up his new guitar.

In what can only be termed an act of God, or maybe a loving, gracious, act of God, out of a couple of different surprising directions came money. Yes, it was amazing. And clearly a gift from God. There are ways in which you are humbled and moved to your core when Grace steps up to show you love. And He did that for Micah these past couple of weeks.

With our small financial gift for his birthday, he had just enough to get the guitar he's had his eyes on. So after supper we went to the shop and he plunked down fifties and twenties and bought the biggest purchase of his eighteen years.

It is a sweet guitar. Good sound and easy to play. Maybe I'll get to borrow his like he's borrowed mine for the past eight years.

Anyway, at least for his eighteenth birthday he knows God loves him.

Maybe that's the best gift of all.


  1. Oh Wow. That's wonderful. Happy Birthday Micah. Make great music and share the joy.


  2. Nice that you managed to help him get the Haggis that he really wanted. Hope they'll have a lot of fun together, and it will serve him well.


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