The Nightwatch

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
It's a hot night in the old bedroom tonight and before that sentence quickly gets away on me I'll add that it looks about 27C in here.

It's just not nearly as hot as it is some other places on this continent so I won't complain.

Actually it's about 12:19 am and it might be breaking a bit. There is an occasional trickle of a small breeze coming in from the wide open window beside the bed. That's hopeful.

I've been here in bed over an hour already, thinking, and waiting for sleep.

I check the temperatures in the cities and towns our kids live in and I pray for them. I wonder how they are doing.

An email comes in and a friend asks for prayer through the night, so I pray, gladly. It's good, God is listening.

Then there is a message from a young guy from a few provinces away who seems to have moved to the area temporarily and is looking to connect. It makes me smile because he says "is it possible for me to bring you beer?"

Though it's been a bit of an oppressively hot and humid day, the opportunities to care and connect still come up. Tonight that's a good thing.

In five hours I've got to be at the guys early prayer time so I better shut this down now and try to get some rest again.

So from a hot bedroom in a field,
good night.


  1. I hope you're sleeping my friend. You seem to stay awake for all the right reasons, or find the right things to do when you are.

  2. Thinking of you too Toni.

    Really hope you are feeling better.


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