Finding a spiritual home in a field.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

And so the field here bounds with new life and people arrive who are looking for a Spiritual home.

The Vandersluys family, Marc & Dixie and their kids are our new neighbours, and are busying themselves with settling down, purchasing tables to eat on and bedroom suites to sleep in and computers to work on and looking for schools for their three kids to attend and all those sorts of things that you do in a new place. We will have our first staff meeting this afternoon and begin a process of working together that will shift my workload, and see Marc begin to experience ministry in realtime. It's a place we've been praying toward for a couple of years though I never would have guessed it would be Marc here.

Then there are the others, the community people and friends and families who are attending this church more and more these days. At last count it was over twenty new people who make there way out here from surrounding farms and towns, to find a spiritual home. It's encouraging that way.

The challenge always comes when the present homeowners try to make room for the new ones. It's about being intentional to welcome and pull up chairs up for the new ones. It's about connecting and getting to know them, and maybe most challenging of all, to create space for them and invite them to a piece of the place.

It's an every church sort of struggle I think, at least any church that is over ten years old. To be able to welcome spiritual outsiders and take them in and set them up with a sense of belonging and ownership. That they with their various levels of maturity can make this their spiritual home too, and be invited to grow in Christ and what He has for us all.

It's the sort of thing we've been asking God to challenge us with, and now He is doing just that.

So I am happy to report that God continues to do a work here that is bigger than my abilities and that new faces are finding their way to the church in the field and that even as they are coming, God is bringing help to serve his purposes here in this place.

May many more spiritually homeless people be able to find home here in a church, in a field.

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