Tooooo close for comfort.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Last Friday night just as I was dosing off after a long and warm day, I think it was around 1 am, just as I was slipping the bonds of earth, the rain started, as did the thunder and lightning. So being the dutiful one who doesn't sleep through much, I got up and did my rotation of closing windows so that the rain wouldn't get in.

I grabbed my phone, mostly to use as a light to get me to the other side of the house safely, and as I stood at the large window, kind of inspired by the heavy rain and light show, I turned on the camera and aimed it out the window looking west.

Had I had any less bladder control things could have gotten plenty tricky pretty fast, but shortly after this video clip I headed for the safety of the toilet.

It was this moment in time that fried the internet radio receiver out on the roof, and so we have been without internet for the weekend. Kind of old school around here. But now I have many letters to write and work to catch up on.

I'll go do that as you re-watch the video clip and I know you'll try to slow it down so you can see the drama.

Just an average summer night this summer, here in the field.


  1. I like the way the picture jumps just after the flash.

  2. That was quite the light show! And with hair raising sound effects! Jumped at least 6 inches off the bed at one point.

  3. Oh Toni you should have seen what Youtube allowed me to do in removing sudden movement from videos. Lets just say I turned on that function so I wouldn't look like a complete wimp.

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  5. There's no shame in jumping at something huge and surprising - the shame may come in what you do next.

    Deleted and re-posted for typo (I didn't realise it would leave a mark there).


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