The day that wouldn't quit (with a bit about lint free home buttons)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
The day ends as it began, dark, cold, and snowing like crazy out there so that travel is, interesting.

Up at 5:30 and on the road to guys early prayer at 6am, (It's called early prayer for a reason you know) in town. Then a breakfast meeting with my co-hoser where we talked deep thoughts and ate egg Macmuffins with bacon. Then I was off to the city for a few hours and a couple of appointments. I expected to be back in the field by 2 pm, but alas, my first appointment was changed to the afternoon. So I used my time to do a bit of research, and got myself to a bookstore to look up some ideas and reference material. Oh and to enjoy a coffee at The Starbucks.

My lunch meeting went well and was profitable. Feels good to be of use to people sometimes cause I think my natural status is to feel use-less.

I got to my other appointment which took about an hour and cleared up some problems I'd been having with my 2 year old phone. The home button was a little sticky on my phone and I wanted to see what they could do. Within minutes they had given me a new phone and reinstalled my stuff on it and off I went, with an unsticky and lint free home button.

By the time I got to town, I had a short list of groceries to get, which I did without grumbling, because by now I knew I wasn't getting home any time soon. I stopped in at the Big Mac Store and ate a sandwich and headed over to the deacon meeting for the evenings entertainment work.


When I went in, it was cold and windy out but there was no snow falling. When I left a couple of hours later, it was snowing up a storm out there. And so it went all the way home.

These are the sorts of days when I feel my age. I used to do them with little problem, but I guess it's a trade off. I mean yes I have the benefits of being older, like not having to sleep for eight long hours but I get to get up for midnight breaks in the toilet, oh and being able to comb over your ear hair to cover places that require covering. 
But being at my best for a long day is tricky.

Now I'm going for a glass of warm Metamucil and heading to bed.


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