Holy Conversations

Friday, November 16, 2012
My first week back from holidays seemed to be about meetings, seven significant meetings at that.  A healthy number of those meetings were more like small groups. Even if their work was to plan worship or the youth ministry or whatever, the interaction, caring and listening that went into each meeting was deeply significant. Jesus attended many of those meetings.

Then this second week comes and goes and seems to be all about one on one conversations with people. There were eight seriously significant counselling conversations this week, had with a variety of people who were each ready to talk but surprised at what God was saying to them. Eight.

Besides being quite tired, I am pleased and encouraged that the work of the Spirit continues here at levels that are immeasurable and unimaginable. God is working in people and very often all that is needed for that to be realized is for the person to be able to tell of an encounter or a holy moment along the road to another soul. Just even giving words to their frustrations or epiphanies opens their eyes to see in a new way, God meeting them.

I have been quite staggered by the insights people have offered in the midst of their lives. Seriously, I don't know whether to shout for joy, or crawl into bed and sleep for a few days.


I think realizations within the human soul are great and not to be denigrated, but the soul who has opportunity to share with another soul, the working and activity of a loving God in their own lives, sees the greater blessing. Speaking truth out loud has an amazing power to dispel the lie.

Any lies need chasing out of your life?  Why not talk with someone you trust.


  1. Ah, but how to find someone you trust. Now there's a challenge.

  2. Indeed.
    I think that's why we are willing to pay therapists.


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