Vacation. Day Two. (...and three)

Thursday, October 11, 2012
Well day two turned out to be cold and snowy and windy so what better thing to do than to head to the big city for some errands.

That ended up looking like getting a picture frame at Ikea and since we were there we stopped for lunch, which upon reflection, meant that Lauralea would eat another salad and a cold dead piece of chicken. Again.

I dropped her at Old Navy so she could pick up some smaller jeans and I went to Walmart to get socks and candy, (I remembered my list by humming the tune to "Sex and Candy"). Candy for Johanna who can't seem to find sour soothers in the great American hinterland.  Socks for me.

Then to a mall for a few quick errands and then head for home.
Of course that trip home included a few groceries at Safeway and a quick supper at the McDonalds.

That's a big day out there you know. And today was similar in weather and errands, except we only went as far as town today.  Oil change, post office, bank, groceries for three weeks for the boy and girl,  and another tank of petrol. Then home to frame a picture, phone calls to return, letters written, supper, and now laundry and packing for a trip.

I don't know if its worth all this work just to have a vacation.


  1. "Socks and candy." Brilliant!

    Hope you guys have a great holiday!

  2. :) Not that i check here from time to time to see what's going on in your life, but it's been like a month now since your last post... if i hadn't known you were alive when i left you last week i'd have worried that you died while on holiday.


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