Vacation. Day One

Tuesday, October 09, 2012
Well I had been putting off the removal of a half dead bush all summer long and today was the time to get it cut down to the ground so it can come back next year.
Turned into quite a undertaking and with my hand saw I was going to be there all day. So I tried out a very old, half dead circular saw. Crazy thing saved me tons of time.
After I had cleared up the mess, we had a nice lunch while watching Bless Me Father, a favourite show of ours.
Then the afternoon was about windows washing and vacuuming the house. By supper I was hurting in places I hadn't felt in years. So not a bad start to the holidays. Lots of hard honest work done today, and I'm already in bed.
Tomorrow I think we are heading to the big city a bit, see what trouble we get into there.

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  1. :) you can keep that saw if you like when I move out again; you'll have more use of it then I would in an apartment in the city. Glad you're managing to relax on your holiday anyways :) have fun in the city tomorrow.


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