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Friday, February 22, 2013
At supper tonight Micah asked me like he usually does, what did I do today? I usually then take the opportunity to list the items of my day, some of the people, some of the stories of the day like I'm trying to convince myself that the amount of work that I did was superhuman and normal.

Today my answer was more along the lines of I don't really want to revisit the whole day, so I don't want to answer.

I think its just due to an emotionally demanding day after an emotionally demanding week.

We had a friend stay for night last night who drives in occasionally from a good distance away for some good talk and Spiritual Direction and care sorts of things, so this morning we had a great conversation about things. It was good and awesome and God was there and it made me smile.

Earlier in the morning I was up and praying for a friend who was going in to surgery today and just asking God to provide for her and care for her as she went through the tough process of going under the knife. Word came back that it was all good for her. Thank you father.

Noon hour got me into the office to help with the bulletin and various administrative duties, then I raced home to head into town for a dicy counselling situation in the afternoon. That was a very tough conversation, but God was there too. We talked for a couple hours and it really was good and hopeful.

I stopped and got some water and headed for home, getting here around 5 pm.

The stories this week were one after another of struggling families, personal sicknesses, people changing work, very sick children, some wanting to follow Jesus, and on and on. There were a few times this week that I crawled into God's presence and begged for help. That I couldn't hear another difficult story and could he carry things please?

To that end, the results of the week were delightful, gracious, hopeful and for me, satisfying work done faithfully. God was in the week, in the stories and leading the way.

I keep trying to get back to my fun reading, In Search of Scotland, in my efforts to take care of myself. Maybe tomorrow night, after we tackle the Sunday plans I'll find a bit of roooom to reeeeead. Before then I'm going to need a sermon and I know that Marc my "Associate" has been working on some plans for the day already.

But I for one am ready to put this week behind me.
See you Sunday.

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