Oh Internet Internet, wherefore art thou Internet?

Saturday, July 13, 2013
The Internet has been fussing lately here in the field and it's the nature of the beast when you live alone and away that things like internet connections are tricky and often delicate. We get our internet here by radio waves and so we have an antenna on the roof that aims into the distance at a tower some miles away.

I should make clear that due to reasons beyond our and our internet providers control, (They have been working VERY hard on the problem) we have lost interconnectivity.  It would seem that growing trees in the neighbours yard have made a connection impossible. So since yesterday we have been without.

I am getting this message through via my mobile phone, tape, binder-twine, some spit, a hanger, and a prayer.

But its been interesting, this back to nature approach. Lauralea can't beat any of the 20 or so people she plays scrabble with any longer or put her recipes online. I can't listen to radio from different cities like I do most days. No Netflix movies, no news from the world. No face to face chats with the granddaughter, no emails, no pictures to see.  

The planning for Sunday Worship is done on a website so all the participants can help create it and add to the day. The bible software I use is Biblegateway.com or bible.oremus.org. The lectionary helps, the biblical language translations, and even many Bible Commentaries are online.

Meetings are held via Skype, classes and training for ministry are regularly held online, communication and planning happens via the internet.

It's all very, surprising really, just how much it's become a part of life and work.
I grew up and was trained pre Internet, so I can still use my books etc. for study. But so much of the communication and planning is done now via the internet.

Our Internet provider is trying to get some options for us, but we don't know how long we will be without for now.

So if you wish to communicate with anyone in our household, you may have to try the phone. Although patience may be required as that has been acting strange lately too (Different provider, less helpful).

You can call us at 780-352-8113.

Old school technology eh?

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  1. Good to see you're able to connect a bit. Hope all is well and thanks for your prayers the last couple of weeks.


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