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Friday, August 02, 2013
Well, it's been three weeks since the Internet has gone away, and though it was all gone during the first two weeks, it's started to dribble back a wee bit, somewhere at the speed and consistency of an 80 year old man with prostate cancer going to the toilet...

Sorry for that image, but the description does fit nicely.

It means we've been reorganizing our Internet work and cancelling subscriptions we have online so that we are not wasting money each month. I do miss Netflix and Rdio but it's part of life in the great rural world. More I miss not having face to face time with the granddaughter, but then I suppose I can't miss her as much either.

The guy in charge is trying his best to fix the problem but he's thinking we need a higher antenna now, to clear the neighbours new tree growth. That's not a quick fix in any part of the world, let alone this one.

So for now we'll take what God gives us.

Oh you say, you didn't know God does IT work?

Well I didn't either, but I do know that he gives to us according to our faith.
Last Saturday night after two weeks of pretty much no internet, then a dribble when we tweaked it, I was frustrated to the point of talking with him seriously about it. We had a good conversation about these things and I felt better nonetheless.

What was interesting to me is that since then, the speed of the internet here has been just about what it used to be. Oh it still can be fickle and it still loses pings, which weakens the signal, but there has been a marked improvement since Saturday night. So in my book anyway, God does the internet.

We'll see how things go now. Might be here, might be gone. We'll take what we get with grateful hearts. And Lauralea can keep beating you all at scrabble.

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