When the snow costs something

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Winter has come to the field and this time I fear, it may be for the winter.
There are still friends here who have hundreds of thousands of dollars of crops still out there beneath the snow and ice. That's hard to watch.
And the value of many crops have been driven lower and lower so that even with the crops that were harvested, they are getting less and less return on their product.
It's a year I am glad I'm not a farmer.

But tonight it looks quite beautiful out there.

Welcome winter. I hope you are nasty enough to kill off many many mice, but gentle enough for those of us who need to be out in you not to suffer much.

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  1. Winter is here, and ruined crops with it too. Yesterday afternoon we stood in a field of maize, where the crop was over-run with weeds and the heads were rotten on their stalks. We've never seen anything like this abandoned crop before, and it created an odd sense of breakdown, as though the system failed somewhere.

    We might also envy your snow a little (though feel sorry for the farmers). We'd hoped to get away somewhere with a real winter, but it's become too expensive this close to departure. As you say, I hope the weather works to kill the pests without harming the people out there.


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