Vacation. Last Day.

Friday, November 04, 2016
The first two weeks of vacation were really quiet enjoyable.
Hillary is in a new place in downtown Winnipeg which meant lots of good walking and city life.
Visiting with friends and old mentors was really great.

Thomas and Terri Lynn are just starting to create a life together in Saskatoon that will, I suspect, be a blessing to many many people in the years to come.
It was really good to spend time with mom and the siblings in Saskatoon. And fun to be in that place as they voted in a new mayor and city hall. (Yes, I said politics can be fun.)

It was turning into quite a good vacation.
And then I got the flu.

After eight humbling days with the flu, I was pretty much willing to go to the Doctor. That was yesterday. That turned into a day of many blood tests and x-rays, urine donations and electrocardiograms. Today the Doctor wanted to see me. There are some things we need to look at and work on, but I should live a while longer.

And... tomorrow we are back to work.

I say that in spite of the flu that came to stay for the long visit, it was a good break. I'm ready to get back at it. I've learned some lessons and thought some things through. I've seen some new ways to work and gained some new perspectives.

So here we go tomorrow.
And here's to another good year in this field.

Vacation. Last Day.

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