Vacation. Day Two.

1. I started to play again today.

The church I serve has been changing over the past while and its changing for the better. It's becoming  a church of people with honest life struggles, some of which look to have no easy answers. So this year has been much busier for me and one of the ways I can tell that is that my Ham Radio logbook hasn't had a new entry since before christmas.

Amateur radio is one of the ways I play and have some fun. But I haven't really played with that in a long long time.

But today I finally got my 2-meter Kenwood radio installed in the van and that was fun. Now I can play while on the road. That's great, a good start.

2. I was contacted to write a Christmas piece for a denominational magazine.

This, is cool and a good challenge for me.
I enjoy writing but that discipline has really sort of dried up for me in the past years. My Spiritual Director has been inviting me to re-engage and consider this part of my life again and I am excited by the possibilities.

So then this invitation came today. Pretty encouraging opportunity.

Day two. Check.


  1. That sounds better. We have times to play and times when work just completely takes over. Glad you're settling back into something that you can enjoy.

    Have a great day 3. :-)


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