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Thursday, June 14, 2018

It would seem that over the past sixteen years this place has seen its share of new clothes.
(I do enjoy a good looking suit of clothes.)

So here we are again, with a newer look, a little fresher, maybe a more stylish look. Should work in all browsers and mobiles, of all sizes, shapes, etc.

Never had to worry about mobile browsers back in the day.
(Next I'll be standing on the porch with my stick yelling at the kids to "Stay off my lawn!")

I know that the heyday of Weblogs are long long behind us. I remember when we were trying to do Web 2.0 things with them before Web 2.0 even existed. Before facebook and instagram. Before Twitter and Pinterest.

But here we are today and my daily web traffic is down from three digits to single digits a day. In a way I am ok with that as it takes a good amount of pressure off.  And maybe that allows me to say some things that I wouldn't want to say with so many people around.

I've never felt comfortable with facebook etc. because those places are contained silos if you will. Cut off from the rest of the internet so that you could only see in with membership. (Back in the day.)  It was always like renting a space, while here you would own your space. Do what you like without an overlord deciding who of your friends would see what of your posts.

I am fiercely loyal to this mode of communication. It was a good place for me to discover writing and to learn the craft even better. (There was some amazing writing here back in the 2000's)  But it was also the place I felt like I lost my writing voice. I don't know what happened with it, where did it go and why?  But I live in hope that it will return one day, and surprise me.

Those are some of the reasons I stick around here. Even when things get a bit sparse, post wise.  I'm not done with this space, I have unfinished business here.

But for today, the new threads.

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  1. I love the new template and I am glad to see you back. Like you said, the blogging audience appears to have decreased quite a bit versus the old days but with consistency and sharing on Twitter and in other places, I think the audience will slowly grow. I know you inspired me to jump into blogging way back when and I have committed recently to make a go of it again. After a lot of back and forth, I took May off and have been back at it this month Monday-Saturday so far without a break. For me, it's fun to write again regardless of how many people may (or may not!) read it. :-)


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