Good Christmas Worship tunes

Wednesday, December 05, 2018
This season we have been listening to Family Radio Inc on the house system, and they have been playing so many old carols that its quite a treat.

Old old Christmas songs like my dad used to sing in the choirs he led. And mid old Christmas songs that Lauralea and I sang in the choir in College. So many good old pieces of music that speak the language of my heart. Its a good deal of memories around here these days.

I say this because the station just played "Low, How A Rose E'er Blooming" and it seemed it was in the same arrangement as Lauralea and I sang in Chorale that first year we were married and in the college tour choir. We worked so very hard on that piece, and we did it accapella. I remember the night we sang it in concert in the darkened hall. It was crazy magical. One of many good memories of that first year we shared life together.


And now they are playing Evie's song 1000 candles. We had that record when I was a kid and I remember having it playing early one morning before I headed off into the falling snow, in the dark, heading to school. Funny how those memories yank you into the past with such clarity.

Its good medicine for when you get tired of Santa Baby and Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer playing on permaloop on the radio these days. Those songs take me deeper, to a place of worship, which is just fine with me.

It may not be that to you, but it's good around here for now.

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  1. Nice to have memories like that, triggered by songs on the radio. My happiest memories of Christmas come from childhood, and it's a season that in adulthood I've only ever passed through without stopping.


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