Post Christmas reflection

Wednesday, January 02, 2019
Tomorrow I head back to work to pick up where I left off last week.  (I took an extra day this week mostly because last week turned into more of a work week for us. That's ok, life with all its unique challenges and loves.)

But Christmas seemed to be a good time around here. Hillary and Micah came home to help us celebrate, which was good. And the others called and connected with their words of missing us. It IS nice to be missed by the kids. Better than to not be missed.

We ate well, (Could we do any less with Herself at the oven controls?) Played many games, watched a few movies, talked about life and future, worshiped together, prayed together, and the like. It seemed like a good time.

Next week I need to finalize my year end stuff and get ready for the Annual Meeting with all the end of year meetings, reports and plans. Then the week after that it looks like I am off to meetings in Denver. I am on a board now with our denomination that works with and cares for it pastors and leaders. I am curious to see what that looks like and how I can fit into that work there.

And hey, there is a new baby on the way. Thomas and Terri Lynn are expecting and there is more joy and more love that suddenly pops into place for this new little one that is preparing to enter this world.

So much prayer is needed for these little ones that are coming into a struggling world. And my timeline to offer up those prayers grows less and less with each passing year, so I need to be on that work pretty intentionally.

So hopes and prayers that this year is a truck load better than last year was. And while I may not know where it leads, I am pretty confident in the One who does know where the year will lead.

Many continued Christmas Blessings from here in The Field.

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