Thursday, January 09, 2020

Just Broken

The news here in Canada is mostly about the Ukrainian plane crash in Iran, especially with our prime minister today announcing that they believe it was caused by a Iranian missile.

So far we know that 63 Canadians died in the tragedy. 31 are from the city near where we live.

Today I had to go up to the city for my first meeting, which was in an Anglican Church. There is a small daycare there and as I entered, the two ladies who work there were busying themselves. Their faces were noticeably sad. Then my eyes caught sight of the side table, and what was on it. Flowers, candles, and pictures of a smiling family with two little girls.

And I started to realize.

The girls were part of the daycare and mom and dad were engineering professors at the university. They all died in the crash.

The tragedy reverberates through the hearts of many in the area. People are hurting.

I took the picture so that I could remember their names as I pray tonight. I guess I need not have done so. They’ve been on my heart all day.

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