Friday, January 10, 2020

The Tree Abides

It’s been a week of early mornings and late nights and now the cold has come to join us. Still the tree abides. Apparently we are in no big rush to see it go, and I’m ok with that.

In early mornings when I get up and late nights when I get home, it still inspires me with childlike wonder. And I can use all of that I can get hold of.


  1. Love me a late Christmas tree. Our first stayed until late spring, and went through a window so it didn't drop down the stairs of the house we rented in.

    Saw you've got it cold now =<-20'C. Keep safe in the snow.

    BTW your blog doesn't seem to stay up to date with the posts, even when I hit reload to by-pass the cache. Been back several times since the 25th, but today is the first time I've seen your Christmas day post, or anything else.

  2. :)

    That would be a result of a crazy patch around here since before Christmas. A funeral, a wedding, a carol service, a Christmas Eve service, all in the week before Christmas, made for a stressful and it seems, forgetful me. I logged in and saw that there were posts I hadn't hit publish on!

    So I hit publish a few times last night. :)

    Yes it seems as though winter has descended upon us in a big cold way now, and this coming week promises temps in the low -30s.

    Miss you fella.

  3. That's a relief - thought I was going mad! Sorry you've been so pressured though.

    Stay warm and safe - miss you both too. I've been sorting out images and drives this weekend, and copied a lot of images from the NAS I used at one time to an external drive for backup. Came across a bunch of pictures from 2006 with us all look just a little bit younger! Happy memories, even though it was sad times in some ways.

  4. There is a good deal of water under our bridge. :)

  5. And even more under ours.

    You have the weather Canada is known for right now. We have the weather Britain is known for.

    Last night I was hurrying to meet someone who'd had a long journey, collecting them from the bus station outside Oxford. Driving briskly ~100kph down a steep hill into a U shaped valley, I found the road was completely flooded, right across and probably 20-30cm deep. It's not often I've looked at something and thought "I'm going to die", but picked the least deep part, kept the wheels straight, and apart from losing what felt like half the speed in a few feet, the car kept going straight ahead.

    The cold is an obvious danger to you (as per next post) but water is normally just something to keep out for us. :p

  6. Sometimes over here we hear about someone who's driven into a low spot like that and drowned and we wonder how in the world can that happen??

    I guess it happens just like that.
    I'm glad you're safe and alright.

    Marc and I cancelled a pastors meeting this morning because it was -39C out there and at that temp the risk is not worth the possible value of it. At this point it seems to be all about managing risk.

    Take care and be safe guy.

  7. "Take care and be safe guy."

    You too. And overwork will kill you as surely as freezing or drowning, but it'll just be a bit slower and make you feel more righteous. ;-)


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